Download Full Demo (zip file)     new 2020 version
The extracted exe file must be installed in Admin Mode (right click on file and select "Run as Administrator". NOTE this will Erase any previous Booking Data

It cannot/must not be used to re-install an older version of Agent2000.
Updates, Support Tools & Downloads
Lock File Removal tool
Download Dlcknet Unzip to any folder, or the desktop
Full Working Demo
Password needed to install, please request via email or call
System Run Files.                If you have to re-install previous versions. Request via email or call.
Remote Support Tools
Incorrect shutdown of Agent2000 can cause errors when reopening caused by lock files not being automatically removed.This tool will clear them.
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We offer support via remote link to your PC. To use you must run the file below or can save it to your Desktop for future use. Please note this connection can only be started by you - we cannot connect without your knowledge. There are two files in case your Antivirus won't allow you to save an executable file.
Remote Help.exe      Run from here or save to PC
Remote       Save to PC then extract the file to your Desktop
Download Temp Tables
Use if instructed.
Temp Tables
Agt2018 Oct 2010 update download
Invoicing_update (zip)

Invoicing_update (exe)