There are so many features in is hard to catalogue them all but here are some of the main features
All single click access from main screen
Act/Venue/Agent/Client Date Sheets, Diaries, Accounts and Maintenance.
Act dates displayed by month calendar format with only 2 clicks.
Bookings/Contract entry by single date, by day per week or continuous dates.
Act/Venue unsuitability check
Act/Venue history fast cross check search.
Act Availability check, (including freelance act availability routine)
Day Diary display.
Add new system Entities
Venue "to fix" messages with auto delete & booking countdown
Venue budget tracking with over budget warnings.
Reports, Invoicing, Utilities and Help Screens.
Large date display to avoid entering wrong dates with date check questioning
Agent to Agent "swaps" tracking
Word processing for correspondence. Store letters with the Entity.
Need to operate two separate businesses?
No problem we can set Agent2000 to operate on two businesses
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